Includes trademark consultation, attorney research, legal opinion and drafting of your trademark.

Get Started! *Does not include USPTO filing fee. Currently: $250.00

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Get Started

Say hello to the future of trademark registration. Just complete and submit our short questionnaire, and an attorney will contact you within 24 hours to set up a phone or video consultation.

We Ask Questions

During your consultation we’ll want to learn all about your business. The better we understand what makes your idea unique, the more likely we’ll be to secure a federal trademark.

We Research and Advise

After our thorough consultation, we’ll conduct a comprehensive U.S. search to make sure no one else has registered or is using your trademark. Three days later, we’ll give you our legal opinion on the viability of your trademark and how we think you should proceed.

We Draft Your Application

If you decide to take the next step, we’ll draft your trademark application. You submit the USPTO processing fee (currently $325) and your application rockets off to Alexandria, VA. We keep you up to date as your application orbits its way through the halls of the USPTO.

You’re Registered

It takes months for the USPTO to process a trademark application. If your trademark is approved, congratulations. Welcome to the Ctrl+Alt+R Club (Option+R for you Mac fans). You are now free to unleash the power of a federally registered trademark!