Friendly Answers to Questions

Where would we be without asking questions? Meditate on that a bit (‘s a question). O.K., now that you’ve got that riddle solved, peruse our “greatest hits” question list below.

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If this is a real emergency, you might want to re-prioritize your current activities.  However, if you need help with trademark registration, hit up our HOME PAGE and thumb through our mighty process.  It explains how we make quality trademark registration easy and affordable for our clients!
Where can I learn more about trademarks?
Our mighty blog of course (  We'll keep you up to date with all the latest and greatest in trademark law.
How long does all of this stuff take?
Mighty Marks' mighty process is efficient.  With your cooperation we can have your trademark filed within one week.  How long does the government take to approve your registration?  Well, now's about the time to start that Zen Meditation practice you've always considered, because it can take quite a while to get through the USPTO.  Expect anywhere from 10 months to a year upon filing.
Can you file a trademark for my business name, slogan or logo?
Absolutely.  Many clients want to register one and/or all of the above.  Your attorney at Mighty Marks will be happy to discuss your trademark options with you.  Trademark law is complicated but you can relax when you work with Mighty Marks.  Your attorney will advise you on the best course of action and make the process dare we say... fun.
Do you offer additional legal services?
Yes. We help businesses with business formation, licensing, naming/branding, draft cease and desist letters, help clients respond to office actions, monitor trademarks, file trademark renewals, conduct trademark litigation, and represent clients at trademark opposition proceedings.  We've also worked with many specialist attorneys and can make introductions.  Contact us for a free consultation.
What happens if my trademark gets rejected by the USPTO?
Don't panic.  Sometimes the USPTO rejects applications for reasons that can be easily remedied.  Mighty Marks responds to minor office actions (in other words, issues that can be resolved in less than 1/2 hour) for you at no charge.  If the USPTO rejection is substantive (meaning it requires more than 1/2 hour of an attorney's time), Mighty Marks can quote you a reasonable fee to respond.
Why are there two fees? Can’t you lump it all together?
Excellent question and here is our excellent answer.  Based on what our legal research uncovers, some clients decide not to spend the additional $250 to file with USPTO if successfully securing a trademark looks unlikely.  If Mighty Marks recommends discontinuing your registration attempt, we will offer a discount off your next try!
Why an ® and not a ™?
Now we're talking!  An ® is mightier than the ™ and protects your trademark across state lines.  With ™ you don't get the rights, privileges, or prestige of the ®.  You may only use the ® after the USPTO officially registers the mark, not before or while the application is pending.